Parental Involvement

Each enrolled family must also perform the following duties:

  1. Co-op: Parents assist the teacher during class time approximately 2-3 times monthly.
    • Each class will have 2 co-op parents assigned. As a co-op parent you are either attendance or snack parent. Attendance parent checks children in/out and cleans the classroom after class. Snack parent prepares a snack for the children to share during communal snack time. Snacks must be packaged and prepared on site. Shared snack is returning 23-24 and an integral part to CCNS! *Wasatch Wanderers do not have shared snack, parents pack their child’s own snack.
  2. Food Handlers Permit: All co-op parents for on-site classes must obtain a food handlers permit.
  3. Committee Membership: Parents must participate on at least one “operating committee” during the year. (If you have more than one child at our school, you still participate on only one committee.)
  4. Clean Up: All families must register and attend 1 clean up during the year. Dates are provided in August.
  5. Meetings: Parents must attend the school’s general meetings and any committee meetings. Meetings are held in August and February. Children do not attend the general meetings.