Board of Directors

Lynsey Schlegel, CCNS Board President

We are in our third year at CCNS! Lily turns 4 in October and is going into her second year with CCNS. Her older brother, Henry (5), entered Kindergarten this year after enjoying 2 awesome preschool years at CCNS in Wasatch Wanderers. As a family we love spending time outdoors- skiing, fly fishing and hiking.

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Tara Thomas, CCNS Board VP

Charlie turned three in June. He wasn’t convinced school was for him last fall, but slowly gained confidence and as his language developed, spoke highly of his time as a little wanderer. He loves reading books, riding his bike, and all things related to transportation and construction. Julian will be two in February, so not ready for CCNS until next fall. He enjoys dancing, climbing, and joining in on whatever his big brother is doing. Both boys are risk takers. Sadly, only the older one assesses risks before taking them. (Big) Charlie manages projects for a facade construction company and Tara is a former elementary teacher who is currently staying at home with the kids.

Sarah Jensen, Treasurer  

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Erin Family

Erin Dickson, Secretary

Otto(2) is starting his first year of preschool and we know he will love the Wasatch Wanderers program. Our older son Anders (4) started the WW program during Covid and it saved our family by providing structure and social interaction in a safe, outdoor environment.

Our family loves to ski, bike, hike, camp, travel and be outside together. We’re excited to have found a preschool program that aligns with our families interests and values.

Erin is a LCSW (social worker) and Miles is a software developer for a travel company.


Kim FamilyKim Turner, Fundraising/Development

This is my 2nd kid and 4th and final year at CCNS. My oldest is in first grade at Uintah and Jojo will be in the 4s Navigators class.  I really love the nature and outdoor component of CCNS and have learned a lot from the teachers former and current, about how to let kids explore, and find adventures all around them. 

I’m a native of San Diego, but now love Utah. Me and the family are enjoying  the local activities; hiking, rock-climbing, ski/snowboarding, and hopefully one day mountain biking. 

Please don’t hesitate to say hello!



Jack Nelson, Safety

Millie is entering her second year of preschool this year. The youngest of 3, she is our last kiddo to go through CCNS. We absolutely fell in love with the teachers and the community, which has kept us at CCNS all these years and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to continue our preschool journey here. Millie is a spirited 3 year old with a love of unicorns, rainbows and anything her brother and sister like. She is very independent and persistent, which we are sure will come in handy one day. Millie’s dad Jack is an attorney and her mom is a stay-at-home parent.

Whitney Blanchard-Call, Fall Harvest



Benjamin Bombard, Publicity

Sebastian is entering his second year at CCNS. He’s returning as a veteran student in Ms. Annie’s Explorers 2A class and will be wandering in the Mon/Weds AM group. Right now, he’s really into bouncing on beds, climbing everything, playing “rocket boost” with his dad’s discarded arrows, asking “why,” and helping his Mama pick vegetables in the garden. He loves his baby brother Django and can count from 1 to 3 and 7 to 9! If you see Sebastian, and if you ask him how his pumpkin is doing, he’ll proudly tell you, “It’s doing really well,” which makes both of his writer/journalist parents very proud! (Mom also teaches PE and health at SL Arts Academy). The four of us, along with Buccmaster the dog, two cats (Yeti & Tela), Archibubble the fish, four ducks and more chickens than we care to admit, live on a tiny slice of paradise on Windsor Street. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop on by. We love drop-in guests!

Julia Light, Spring

Seamus is starting his first year of preschool at CCNS, following in his sister’s footsteps. Bonnie thrived in preschool, where she came into her true self: boisterous, gregarious, creative, and kind. Seamus loves music, books, and anything with wheels. We are looking forward to seeing him learn and grow in this playful and supportive environment. Julia is a full-time parent, and Kevin works at a box factory. When we’re not enjoying all that Salt Lake City has to offer, we’re out exploring Utah’s many mountains and deserts.

Maddy Pope, Garden

We have loved the hybrid format of CCNS which offers our daughter time to explore nature and time to connect with her peers. As a family, we love attending community events, creating art, cooking, and exploring.

Open Position, Membership (Yearbook/Directory)