W.W. Gear and More

What Gear Does My Child Need For Wasatch Wanderers?

Each day no matter the weather children should have;

  • a backpack (w. chest clip ideally 12-20 liter, we like REI and NorthFace kids backpacks but any in that size is good!)
  • a water bottle (leak/spill proof, lightweight)
  • lunch (peanut-free unless otherwise specified by teacher once allergies are recorded for the class) Kids get hungry exploring, whether your child is in a 9-11:30 or 12-2:30 class please send a lunch.
  • Please send your child with a lunchbox/water bottle/snacks they can open themselves. This limits teachers touching the food and also helps build confidence and independence

Depending on the season and weather children should also be prepared with the following;


  • A jacket, gloves, beanie, boots (we love bogs)
  • Below 40 degrees or wet: snow pants, waterproof outer layers, waterproof gloves, boots!!
  • Avoid cotton on first layer on cold days


  • Sunhat and sunscreen already applied
  • light jacket
  • hiking shoes/ sandals like Keens are good if the weather is nice


Kids get dirty outdoors. Please only send kids in clothes that you are comfortable getting back dirty. We love secondhand or hand-me-down gear. Kid 2 Kid is a good resource as well as other CCNS parents with older kids! Ask around.

Madey and Jemma

Gear PDF Handout

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