Wasatch Wanderers

Wasatch Wanderers is a semester long class (September-December and February-May). The focus will be on outdoor education, exploration, and learning through nature. The class will not be based in a classroom, but rather will provide hands-on exploration through field experience on local trails and public lands. The curriculum by veteran preschool teacher, Terry Crandall, features introductions to many subjects that are vital to children growing up on the Wasatch Front, including the following.

  • Conservancy and Stewardship
  • Our Watershed
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Green Energy/Sustainability
  • Local Animals (Hibernation and Migration)
  • Recycling
  • Plant Life (Life Stages of Plants and Their Seasonal Changes)
  • Safety and Self-Reliance in Nature

Due to the unique nature of this program, interested families should note the following:


  • Parents will drop off their student at the designated location each week and will be asked to help coordinate carpool efforts to transport students to or from CCNS for classes.
  • Parents may need to co-op and attend 2-3 outings throughout the semester.
  • Families will also need to provide the required weather gear for their child, to include rain and snow clothes, as plans will only change due to extreme temperatures or unsafe air quality.
  • Students will need a lunch and will be given an opportunity to eat during their class.

Curriculum: For each class meeting, there is a location, a theme, and possible activities. For example, the class may take a trip up Mill Creek Canyon where the class explores the theme of sounds in nature. Possible activities could include the students creating a musical parade or exploring questions like “Why does one tree sound different from another when you hit it?” or “Can we create songs using lines that rhyme with tree?”

Cost: $85.00/month for one day a week $165.00/month for two days a week plus a possible one-time activity fee collected at the beginning of the semester to cover the cost of any rentals, entrance fees, and materials. If you choose to apply for the program, please be prepared to tell us what days you may prefer. Enrollment is currently open.


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