Our Staff


Genevieve, CCNS Director, is a believer in the value of co-op schools.  Having been a member of a California preschool co-op with her two children, she has experience as a co-op parent herself.  Genevieve also comes to CCNS with experience leading non-profits and teaching early education programs. She loves to travel, hike and learn new things.

One super fun fact about Genevieve is that she attended CCNS as a child. Check out Genevieve as a CCNS kid in Ms. Sutton’s class.

If you don’t catch Genevieve at school, feel free to email her at director@ccnsslc.com



Annie Jensen, teacher, is thrilled to return to teaching at CCNS. Anne greatly values what she considers the “wonderful CCNS community.” She has two children who are both alumni of CCNS. Annie is a Utah native and attended the University of Utah, and New York University, where she studied musical theatre, and early childhood development. She has performed in two Broadway National tours and loves to share her love of music with children. She comes from a family of teachers and is a strong believer of learning through play, art, music and socialization.



AliseAlise Anderson, lead teacher,   has worked with children for over ten years. She taught figure skating, after school art programs, and nannied for many years in the Bay Area. She values CCNS for it’s community and approach to early childhood development. Play based learning and social, emotional growth are deeply rooted in her philosophy as a teacher. With a background in art, learning through material and art processes are an important part to her daily practice as a teacher. Alise believes that nature based learning and being outside for class builds a strong foundation for learning in the classroom as children develop. She enjoys going on hikes with her dog, being in the studio, and reading books. 



Ashley C

Ashley Catmull, teacher, loves working with children.  After years of teaching ice skating to young children, she decided to pursue a degree and career in education. She is currently working towards a Bachelors in Elementary Education (K-6). Ashley Kate says, “I am so excited to start teaching at CCNS because I firmly believe that play-based learning is the best way for children to learn and be introduced to the world around them.” One of her favorite things about working with kids is their innate curiosity and contagious energy. Besides teaching, Ashley Kate loves to figure skate, bake (especially cupcakes), and go hiking with her dog.



Bel Akyuz, Assistant/Substitute Teacher. Bel loves working with children! She is passionate about early childhood development and has spent the last six years volunteering in various early education environments. She enjoys traveling with her husband and two children, finding new picnic spots and exploring Utah on foot, bike and ski. Bel was raised in Idaho, has a degree in Graphic Arts and is currently working on her Child Development Associate. She looks forward to spending her days with all the sweet children within the CCNS community




Sarah Jensen, Extended Care-Fun Bunch. Mrs. Sarah is a Utah native with a love of early childhood education and the outdoors. She lives in Sandy with her husband and son and enjoys spending free time in the canyons. 

Mrs. Sarah teaches Fun Bunch Monday afternoon.



Ian Campbell, Extended Care- Fun Bunch. Ian is so glad to be back in the wonderful CCNS community. He loves being able to give children individual attention as fun bunch teacher. He enjoys sharing his goofy side, and making learning fun! Ian also shares his love of nature with his students. He believes nature is a key ingredient for childhood development. After all, his fondest life experiences have been in the outdoors. Ian recently worked as a wilderness therapy instructor, and has experience as a nanny, a nature camp counselor, and canoeing guide. He loves climbing, skiing, and making soup!

Mr. Ian teaches Fun Bunch Monday-Friday morning and Friday afternoon.





Terry Crandall, former teacher, is a mother of two CCNS alumni who are now both in their thirties. Terry has taught at CCNS since 1988. She is taking a hiatus from teachers as she loves on her first grand baby.  Teacher Terry started the outdoor program Wasatch Wanderers which takes kids to the best little hiking areas and secret spots around SLC.

She loves children, nature, animals, family, friends, overalls, heart-shaped rocks, books, and hiking.

Terry feels the co-op nature of CCNS binds our school community together. Children learn that their parents value them and it builds a rapport between all involved. She also knows that the school is successful because parents like to be involved with their child’s education. Additionally, research has shown that the philosophy of socialization, which includes getting along, problem solving, and asking for help, raises a child’s social IQ and produces happy, confident, and joyful children.

Stephanie Waldo, former teacher, began with CCNS in 1987.  Her teaching background is working with emotionally challenging kids.  Stephanie’s favorite things about the CCNS program include the our philosophy on the importance of play, watching the kids learn to work out their own problems, and having parents in her class. Stephanie believes parents can take skills modeled and learned in the classroom into the home. It is enjoyable for her to see parents come in and want to spend this quality time with their child.

This skilled teacher believes in the sound philosophy of CCNS and believes it is precisely what keeps this school going strong. As society changes, and our day-to-day lives may seem more stressful than in past generations, Stephanie sees consistency and a feeling of security in CCNS. She also loves to see more fathers involved in the classrooms than ever before and more grandparents having an active role in children’s lives. She truly believes that it is no accident that parents seek out CCNS year after year. People are drawn to the goodness of the school and nothing but great children graduate from it.

Stephanie retired from a full-time teaching job with CCNS in 2020, but CCNS leadership is working on ways for Stephanie to impart her experience and wisdom on our current teachers as a mentor and trainer going forward. CCNS Loves Ms. Stephanie!