Class Offerings

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Two-year-old classes

Two-year-old classes meet twice a week in the morning. Preschool for your two-year-old is a great opportunity to introduce them to school and developmentally appropriate socialization.

Three-year-old classes

Three-year-olds classes meet three days a week in either the morning or afternoon. Children at this age thrive in our play-based program, as they are eager to explore their world and form social connections.

Four-year-old classes

Four-year-olds have the option to meet three or four times a week. Research has shown that children attending preschool is a large indicator for both social-emotional and academic success later in school. Our four-day program, focusing on “readiness,” gives all children the social and self-help skills they need to enter kindergarten successfully even if it is their first experience in school.

Mixed-age classes

We also offer a 3/4 mixed-age class. There are great benefits to mixed-age classes as they provide a space for every child in the class to connect with others, learn, and lead. Look at our class offerings you believe a mixed-age class would best suit your child’s needs or age.

*Children’s age is determined by how old they are on September 1st of the school year.

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