Class Offerings

CCNS is a unique co-op nature preschool. We offer classes on-site and off-site on local hiking trails to children ages 2-5. Our program is based on the importance of play. On-site classes will get ample time outdoors playing in the garden and on the playground.

For a full outdoor experience we offer our off site Wasatch Wanderers program. We believe “not all classrooms have walls” and in our Wasatch Wanderers program children get the CCNS experience outside. There is no bad weather and we meet outside on trails throughout SLC year round.

For more detailed information and parental requirements visit our Tuition and Parental Involvement pages


Two-year-old classes

Two-year-old classes (Explorers and Voyagers) meet twice a week on-site, where they spend time in the classroom and in they play yard. Preschool for two-year-olds is a great opportunity to introduce them to school and developmentally appropriate socialization.

Three-year-old classes

Three-year-old classes meet three days a week. Our Adventurers meet on site, and our Trailblazers is a hybrid option that meets on-site two days and on trails one day. Children at this age thrive in our play-based program, as they are eager to explore their world and form social connections.

Four-year-old classes

Investigators is a hybrid class that meets three times a week on-site and one day on trails. Research has shown that children attending preschool is a large indicator for both social-emotional and academic success later in school. Our four-day program, focusing on “readiness,” gives all children the social and self-help skills they need to enter kindergarten successfully even if it is their first experience in school.


Wasatch Wanderers meet exclusively on trails throughout SLC. The focus is on outdoor education, exploration, and learning through nature.  Due to the unique nature of this program, interested families should note the following:

  • Parents will drop off their student at the designated location each week.
  • Co-Op is required.
  • Families will also need to provide the required weather gear for their child, to include rain and snow clothes, as plans will only change due to extreme temperatures or unsafe air quality.
  • Students will need a lunch and will be given an opportunity to eat during their class.

2.5-3 Year Olds

Little Wanderers, meet twice a week.

3-5 Year Olds

Wasatch Wanderers, meet 3 days a week.


2023-2024 Class Offerings

*Child’s age is determined by how old they are on September 1st of the school year. Children must be the appropriate age to enroll. For questions please contact CCNS.