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Thank You, Ms. Ashley!

For his first year at CCNS, I consider my son quite lucky to have Ms. Ashley as his teacher in 3A Adventurers. This has been his first preschool experience, so I wondered how he might handle the separation from me and guidance from an adult outside our family. I hoped that his teacher would share some of my values regarding parenting and child development.

When we first met Ashley at the meet and greet at the start of the year, I was delighted and relieved by her warmth, gentle approach, and respect that she showed the children. My son was a bit slow to warm up at first, and she let him take the time and space he needed to feel comfortable.

Weeks later, as my son was beginning to find his stride in school, I arrived to pick him up after class. My husband and I were on the phone, and as I got closer to the gate I could hear my son crying. I saw him on the playground, upset, but Ms. Ashley was comforting him. My husband said, “You should go help, see if he’s ok.” That was also my instinct, but I remembered how gentle and attentive Ashley is and that she was capable of handling the moment.

I stayed back, out of sight, and watched as she helped him off the playground and the two sat down to talk some more as he calmed down. It was an amazing feeling to watch someone else de-escalate and hold space for my son’s feelings, as I would have tried to do myself. I felt such relief that we’d found a wonderful preschool and teacher who cares for and respects each child, allowing them to thrive under her sweet care. Thank you for being you, Ms. Ashley!