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Trust Your Kids: They CAN Do Hard Things!

Who knew the hardest thing about joining Wasatch Wanderers would be keeping mittens on toddlers? In all seriousness, we are learning a lot about how to keep our kiddo warm while he goes on early-morning late-fall hikes with Miss Maddy and his classmates. This Monday we met up at Donner Park playground and sat in the sun while we pulled on our snow gear with the rest of the kids. It was so beautiful! We could see the whole valley.

The park is above the zoo, right at the base of immigration canyon. I’m happy it was my co-op day. Not only because it felt so good to be out crunching frost and fresh air, but I also got to watch my son trail run! He ran fast on the steep trail that connects the upper and lower parks. He ran ahead of Miss Maddy and the rest of us and I had to stop myself from telling him to be careful, slow down or stay close. And he was being careful, but also he was being brave and confident. I’m so proud of him! It’s not always easy for him to go someplace new without us, but he always comes exhausted, happy and covered in mud. He runs, jumps, climbs, hangs, whirls and throws nonstop. Sending him to Wanderers has helped us trust his ability to do hard things.

The first time I co-oped, he took off running and I started calling him back. Miss Maddy gently pointed out that he was headed for a dead end just out of sight and would naturally turn around, which of course he did. He was just exploring. I’m so impressed with Maddy.!I wouldn’t trust just anyone to lead a pack of toddlers through the woods safely, encouraging exploration and play, wiping noses, keeping track of mittens and seemingly never losing her cool.

Some of our favorite Miss Maddy moments also include her daily “who has a crunch in their lunch?” inquiry, her “what do you guys hear?” moments, her tree swings, hot chocolate, books, kites, expert scatology skills and the fact that she always has extra warm layers in her backpack.