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Myrtle Spurge

Myrtle spurge (also known as creeping spurge or donkey tail spurge) is a perennial, herbaceous plant. It is an escaped ornamental that inhabits fields, rangelands, gardens, disrupted areas, and along roadsides. It reproduces by seed and root fragments. Its hardiness allows the plant to out-grow and out-compete native plants and is a scourge of our local trails.

The plant is dangerous to children and dogs, since running through or laying on the plants may break the stems and cause the toxic sap to leak out and onto skin. The sap causes rashes and blisters when in contact with skin. If ingested the plant can cause vomiting and diarrhea. It can cause blindness if the sap enters the eye.

Take precautions by staying on the trails, participating in local Purge the Spurge events and removing it from your own yard, wearing gloves. 🙂

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