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Best Kid-friendly Fall Hikes Around Salt Lake City

According to 1000 Hours Outside, “Nature play aids children is every area of development.” Check out a few of our favorite hikes for preschool aged children and soak up the beautiful fall colors in the mountains. Get the family bundled up for these best hikes around Salt Lake City;

Desolation Trail / Millcreek Canyon $5 Fee at Gate
This trail is accessible via Thaynes Canyon Trail just past Church Fork up Millcreek Canyon. Desolation Trail climbs fairly steep switchbacks that take you right through groves of red, yellow and orange Aspens, all the way up to an overlook of Millcreek Canyon and Salt Lake Valley. If this is a family adventure, remember that little legs can only go so fast and so far, but about a quarter of a mile up there is a fun little tree fort that some of our Wanderers like to play and add to! If it’s a solo adventure for some quietness, try going all the way up for a 4.4 miler stair stepper workout.

Cecret Lake Trail / Alta Ski Area $10 Fee at Gate
This small alpine lake trail rewards hikers with breathtaking views of the Albion Basin and the wonderful beauties of alpine nature. This 1.8 out-and-back takes its adventurers through overlooks of the valley and stunning views. It is almost guaranteed that you will see a mother and baby moose hidden in the trees or blocking your way through the trail! Teach your kiddos about moose or lakes on the journey up, have fun and be safe!

Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir via Granite Trail / Lone Peak Mountain
A little south out of the Salt Lake domain sits Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir right in the seat of Lone Peak Mountain. The trail is approximately .75 miles, beginning with a bit of a steep climb but mellowing out before you even notice. This hike is kid friendly that they’ll be able to do with little to no help, and end their journey at a beautiful reservoir that is great for fishing or bird watching (watch your step for those pesky geese droppings!). This trail is also really fun for the kiddos to stomp around in their snow boots and make snowmen!

We hope to see you out on the trails.