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Keeping Kids Healthy This Winter

I know that one reason I dread winter is because of how often my toddler is sick. So, I thought that a few tips from the professionals on keeping him as healthy as possible this winter season would be advice worth sharing. There are the obvious ones, like creating a hand washing routing before and after preschool, eating snacks, etc. But, there are some not so obvious tips that I never thought of.

Here are a few of those suggestions to help you and your toddler stay healthy!

  • Use hot water when washing your sick child’s clothing. Studies have shown that washing with hot water can keep germs away. As you make your way through your child’s shirts that have doubled as his/her Kleenex and sneeze shield, do not touch your face and wash your hands as soon as you’re finished. Starting a sanitizing wash cycle with hot water and bleach in between loads for ultra germ cleansing.
  • Change your toothbrush after you’ve been sick because germs can remain and cause another infection, according to Jeff Golub-Evans, D.D.S.
  • Take vitamin D3 daily because everyone in your family can become low in D during the winter. Vitamin D is essential in bone development and the winter sun just doesn’t cut it for the daily-required D dose. According to Dr. Frank Lipman, kids with higher D levels suffer from less severe flu symptoms. I love the Vitamin D drops and I just add it to my little boy’s drink once a day. But, there are many other forms, like gummies, and chewable. Vitamin C is also easy to add-in to your child’s water or smoothies, especially when he/she is sick.
  • There are some naturopathic ways to ward off sickness too, like Elderberry syrup. It’s not only delicious tasting, but is touted as an immune boosting supplement that has been used for centuries. A few doses a week of Elderberry syrup can be added to your child’s vitamin regimen.
  • And lastly, don’t forget to clip short and clean under your child’s fingernails too, apparently it’s a germ haven under there!

Be well this chilly season!