Keep Learning All Summer Long

By Jason Stevenson (Calvin AM-B)

Head off summer learning loss by engaging your kids in fun, interactive, and educational programs—from worthy iPad apps to SLC library events.

Tip #1: Make screen time for learning (not babysitting)
Guide your kids to interactive and education apps, like PBS Kids Video (iOS, Android, Nook, Amazon, Windows) which feature kid- and parent-approved shows like SuperWhy and Dinosaur Train (link).

The companion app PBS Parents Play & Learn (iOS, Android, Nook, Amazon, Windows) contains more than a dozen games parents can play with their kid (link). The key is engaging with your child as they interact the app—not using it is an electronic babysitter (at least not all the time).

Plus, your toddler isn’t too young for video lessons from Khan Academy (—the free online depository of micro lectures and videos on dozens of different topics. One of our favorites is Art 1010 (link), a short series of fun (and funny) animations created for the Utah System of Higher Education that introduce the history of Western art.

Finally, turn the 300 million videos on YouTube into an intellectual scavenger hunt. To play, type a toddler-friendly question (“Why do lightning bugs glow?” or “What is the biggest airplane in the world?”) into the search bar, and explore the list of videos your search returns.

Tip #2: Find Great learning ideas online
This Pinterest page, “How to keep my kids busy all summer long” has 122 ideas to turn a dull summer day into a memorable project with your kids (link)

Tip #3-Attend kid-focused events at the Salt Lake City Libraries
Libaries can take up the education slack that summer vacation brings. Check out these weekly events at SLC branches, and find the main calendar of kid events here (link)

Main Library
Book Baby • Wed & Thu, 11am
Preschool Storytime • Wed & Thu, 10am
Wednesday Crafts • Wed, 4pm
Dog Day Afternoons • 1st Sat, 1pm
LEGO® at the Library • 2nd Sat, 1pm

Anderson-Foothill Branch
Book Baby • Tue & Thu, 10:15am Wed, 4pm
Preschool Storytime • Tue & Thu, 11am
Dog Day Afternoons • 1st Sat, 1pm
LEGO® at the Library • 4th Sat, 3:30pm

Sprague Branch
Book Baby • Wed, 10:15am
Preschool Storytime • Wed, 11:15am
LEGO® at the Library • 2nd Fri, 2:30pm
Second Sunday Crafts • 2nd Sun, 3pm

NEW Glendale Branch
Book Baby • Tue, 10:15am
Preschool Storytime • Tue, 11am