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How to Download Free Ebooks and Audiobooks

On, the ebook version of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild costs $7. But with the OverDrive app, you can download the same ebook (and thousands more ebooks and audiobooks) to your tablet for free.

OverDrive is a free app that connects your phone or tablet to the digital offerings of thousands of public libraries around the state—including the Salt Lake County library.
With this app and a card from your local library, you can find and download ebooks and audio books to your phone or tablet from anywhere with a strong WiFi connection.
Plus, the app lets you borrow up to five books at a time, recommends titles and authors you might like, and lets you save your progress.

Salt Lake Tribune tech columnist Vince Horiuchi has written the best description of how the Overdrive app works, so we won’t try to improve.
But here are a few notes to keep in mind.

1-The OverDrive app works for many different phone and tablet makers, including iOS, Android, KindleFire, Windows, Nook
2-Thousands of books are available through OverDrive at the Salt Lake Library—including recent arrivals and best-sellers
3-An active library card number and account is required to access books from local libraries
4-The Salt Lake County Library also requires a 4-digit pin number, usually the last four digits of your phone number on your account
5-OverDrive give access to multiple book formats, including Kindle ebooks and MP3 audiobooks
6-You can record your progress using bookmarks and even switch between different devices to keep reading the same book
7-If you return a book, the next time you download the same title the app will remember where you left off reading
8-You can download up to five ebooks and audiobooks
9-The app automatically returns books when they are due—eliminating fines and late fees.
10-You can access the digital catalogs of any library where you hold an active library card

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Oh My Tech!: Getting library books to your e-reader, made easier
The Salt Lake Tribune
March 21, 2013
Vince Horiuchi