Emergency Pre...

Emergency Preparedness

While we hope that we will never have to use these tools, we would like to share with you our plans in the event of an emergency. The CCNS Board of Trustees is in the process of revising our current plans, but here are our current policies:

If you smell smoke or see fire or have been instructed to evacuate for this reason:
1. Assemble children and co-oping parents.
2. Grab RED emergency binder and phone.
3. Determine safest exit route (or if teacher is present, follow her lead) by feeling any door before opening it. If a door feels warm, choose another exit.
4. Exit safely through the entry door or through the door adjacent to the kitchen. If both these exits are blocked, use a window.
5. Meet at the yellow slide on the playground.
6. Once you are out of the building, STAY OUT until instructed by rescue personnel.

If the ground begins to tremble and shake aid the children to:
a. Drop under a sturdy table.
b. Cover your face by pressing it against your arm until shaking stops
c. Hold on until shaking stops
2. Stay indoors  and in drop, cover and hold until the shaking stops.
3. Once shaking has stopped, grab RED emergency binder and phone and exit safely through entry door or door adjacent to the kitchen.
4. Meet at the yellow slide on the playground.
5. Expect aftershocks and follow procedure of DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON for aftershocks.

For more earthquake preparedness and safety information you can visit these pages:
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For more info on what to do in an emergency and creating plans for yourself and your family please check out these great resources:

A Sesame Street program, called Let’s Get Ready. http://gsa.sesameworkshop.org/web/street/ready


A Fire Safety Program from Sprout http://www.sproutonline.com/sprout/Originals/FireSafety.aspx